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iTrain Release Notes

Please read the forum announcements for migration steps from earlier versions to 4.1 !!!

- Support for macOS Mojave.
- Deeper signing of macOS application.
- Add module-info for Java 9 and higher.
- Bug fix: Removal of decoupler should also apply to switchboard.
- ECoS: Import of accessories creates light object instead of relay.
- Bug fix: Selection of port for LDT HSI-88 was disabled.
- Also diagnose serial ports and network addresses on master client.

- Bug fix: Not taking the correct track route length when measuring distance to car in next lane.
- Shift-Commander: Maximum request of 32 names in one call.
- Improved mass simulator when going from acceleration into deceleration as happens with cars.
- Route element in switchboard shows tooltip with info and warning triangle in case of a warning.
- Bug fix: Green state of Dutch dwarf signal not always chosen correctly.
- Bug fix: RMX should only import vehicles if it controls vehicles.
- Allow a longer train to cross a transfer table without moving.
- Small improvements for LoDi-system.
- Bug fix: Warning signals for German H/V system can be used with main signal object again.
- Z21: Support for Roco detector 10808 on CAN-bus.
- BiDiB: Use feature BM_ADDR_AND_DIR to see if polarity info is available.
- LocoNet: Better support of multiple transponder addresses including new command for DR5088RC.
- Bug fix: Pulse decoupler switches off in accessory queue as well.

- Vehicle momentary function with duration will be activated for that time when clicking the button.
- Auto fill does also change positions of feedbacks in block just as with the button 'Fill'.
- POM programming for ECoS added (requires firmware 4.2.3 or higher).
- Bug fix: Booster address change not applied directly.
- PM32 interface: Also send switching time with command.
- Loc polarity can be unknown to prevent direction changes because of RailCom for specific locs.
- Bug fix: With opening dialog via keys.
- Block directly synchronizes wired state with feedbacks when updated.
- Bug fix: Decoupler of type pulse not activated when connecting.
- Bug fix: Strict option now works correctly in route.
- French and Spanish screen text corrections.
- Roco WLAN-Maus switch accessories without a DCC address with number in name before the underscore.
- Extra check so that critical does not try to reserve the same block again after a direction change.
- Bug fix: Feedbacks that are not wired (relay in block) should not influence the feedback monitor state.
- Dinamo: Align DCC packets in blocks at the borders between two RM-U/C devices.
- Dinamo support jumbo frames.
- Bug fix: iCar problem with cars reserving a lane that is shorter than the car.
- Bug fix: iCar keeping distance has improved.
- Shunt action for direction change has parameter to explicitly choose the direction.

- Prepare for recognition of DR5000 in LocoNet with initials DR to use another POM strategy.
- OC32 with 32 aspects for special purposes.
- Better handling of dwarf signals SBB.
- Bug fix: Cannot set speed for cars on client.
- Bug fix: WLAN-Maus with 126/128 speed steps
- Bug fix: DTC status message only 5 seconds and showing turntable name.
- Station block has passing allowed by default.
- Interface status bar: Popup menu on name label now also works when inactive.
- WLAN-Maus control refined so the direction icon does not flicker anymore with specific interfaces.
- Using 'localhost' for network address should use loopback address again as in 4.0.
- Bug fix: With signal handling.
- Path finder optimized so that direction changes are less expensive for shunting.
- Bug fix: Block option "Direction change forbidden" does not work when driving automatically without routes.
- Bug fix: Turntable connections not always corrects when two tracks connect to the same cell of the turntable.
- Bug fix: Do not update decoder if protocol did not change in import of locs for CS2/3.
- Bug fix: CV-programming of Massoth had an offset of 1 and writing was not confirmed.
- Bug fix: Combination of expect stop and shunt did not result in shunt speed.
- Bug fix: Better device versions reading on CAN-bus so all devices are scanned in time.

- Client/server
- Special Master client with all editing options introduced for a headless server or server with small screen.
- General resource selector used everywhere to select images and sounds on the server.
- All resource paths stored relatively to the root path in the preferences (of the server).
- Internal images removed from program (itrain.jar) and delivered separately (put in iTrain/images via the installer).
- Serial port retrieval redesigned to make it selectable on master clients.
- Speed measurements improved to make it available on clients and more general for other devices.
- Interfaces
- Interfaces can be fully configured on master client.
- Image and comment added to interface for documentation purposes.
- Popup menu for interface on status bar with option to make interface inactive.
- Allow BiDiB-Tools to connect directly to a running BiDiB interface via a new option 'Receiver'.
- Light accessories can directly control outputs with BiDiB without creating accessories and macros.
- TAMS: Allow MFX/m3 with 32 functions.
- Feedback with aspect 127 in OC32 acts as a pulse (so on and off again).
- CS2/3 also imports wagon when defined as 'Sonstige'.
- New interfaces LoDi-Shift-Commander, LoDi-S88-Commander and LoDi-Rektor.
- System clock synchronization with BiDiB and LoDi-Shift-Commander.
- Art-Net interface added to support DMX-512-systems.
- Dinamo shows sub system devices with version in info window of interface.
- Vehicles & Trains
- Wagon panel gets slider for decoder step to be able to control this manually.
- Replace control car option for wagon with more general cabin view for both loc and wagon.
- Pseudo address for analog loc to control it via an address based remote.
- Train can be split at any position.
- Accessories
- New decoupler type 'on/off' introduced to distinguish it from the original pulse type that uses only one output of an address.
- Sound type introduced that works with .wav files as well as with stationary decoders in the layout.
- Light type introduced for light bulbs and LEDs. Can be used for on/off as well with dimming.
- Shape of relay in switchboard changed to square to distinguish it from light.
- Sound files can be previewed with play/pause/stop and waveform with tracking.
- Accessory editor improved with type selection only when creating a new one.
- BiDiB turntable decoder support via aspects and with state feedback.
- New relay mappings for turnouts for Dinamo systems.
- Always two occupancy feedbacks for turnouts available.
- Feedback with state feedback can be simulated in offline mode without activating feedbacks.
- French, Austrian and German Ks + Hl signals added.
- Blocks
- Rebuild of block (and lane) connections. All turnouts need to be filled in per side.
- Take total length of blocks and turnouts into account when calculating optimal path.
- Routes
- Automatic driving is only allowed according to cabin view. Same with routes with option dependent on train.
- Station has different states to end or pass all trains.
- Optimization of chosen paths based on path length. Short blocks without signals should be of type Shunt.
- Station pass and shunt levels are interpreted differently now. Lower number has higher priority So 1 is first choice, 2 is second choice.
- Actions
- Action editors made more logical with in place editor at the bottom depending on type in the table.
- Rebuild of action conditions with AND and OR in a tree table structure.
- Actions extended with Light, Sound and Decoupler.
- Shunt actions added to manipulate a train, loc or wagon inside a block.
- Actions for making blocks and lanes (in)active and to set the dynamic speed of a lane.
- Action to add or remove a permission for a train or car.
- Routes can also be selected in an action for an actual train. Only executed if train has this route.
- Switchboard
- Automatically make all connections between the blocks (and lanes) on one switchboard tab in the editor.
- Switchboard pane only shows tabs if there are multiple boards to save space on small screens.
- Ultimate license owners get two switchboards in Extra menu.
- Prevent multiple single items without direction to be drawn over each other.
- Possible to turn the switchboard 90 degrees instead of 180 if the selection is square or all cells.
- A block split into two parts, with link items on same page, will be filled in automatically as if it was one.
- Extra dots only in the editor for block and lane element to indicate the direction of the block.
- Extra dot for crossings and slips to indicate the top (next to B).
- Better visualization of multiple trains in block in switchboard.
- New route state button available in switchboard to quickly start/stop trains.
- Cars
- Weight for lane added to influence the random selection.
- Dynamic speed introduced for lanes that is an extra maximum speed for the whole lane.
- Intersection gets three states (auto, manual, blocked) that can also be set via an action.
- Transition time in which all the traffic lights are red editable for an intersection.
- BiDiB IRM position feedbacks support added.
- Fuel percentage check condition added to actions.
- Others
- Support for Roco WLAN-Maus as a remote control via preferences to control vehicles, accessories and track routes (address >= 2000).
- Support for weekdays in model clock for external systems like BiDiB and for actions.<
- Export for interfaces, boosters, train types, cars and lanes in export tabular.
- Warning icon in info column of loc overview to quickly notice them.
- New feedback type 'Value' allows a feedback with an 8-bit value (0-255).
- Default OK button for input dialogs and Escape to cancel.
- New static properties handling with less overhead.
- Chart with speed measurements also shows a legend when there is more than one line.
- Small About box for small screens (Pi 7").

- Bug fix: Turning of turntable and transfer table in switchboard did not reset connection points.
- Bug fix: Application menu on macOS was not translated anymore.
- Do not use reflection anymore with Java 9+ to detect HiDpi displays.
- Device type for Zimo MX10 has changed in protocol.

- Bug fix: Auto fill for crossing with multiple roads.
- Improved lane car control.
- Bug fix: Clicking manually on crossing will activate it twice.
- Bug fix: All formatting of numbers follows the language if the system language has not been chosen.
- Bug fix: Changes on SX-bus should only affect SX1-locomotives.
- Scroll wheel scrolling in switchboard improved.

- Bug fix: Block linking Dinamo with DC 3-rail.
- Menu problem on macOS High Sierra solved with patch 10.13.1.

- Use high resolution icons on HiDpi displays on Windows with Java 9.
- Improvements in communication with Zimo MX10 and adding POM.
- Bug fix: Link item for roads did not work properly.
- Bug fix: Empty client IP address should look up available server.
- Märklin CS2/3: Also check for wagons when importing vehicles from the command station.

- Bug fix: Train splitting improved.
- Loading of internal images improved so it will work with Java 9.
- Bug fix: Car route action should only start with available lane.
- All included images optimized so they take less space without losing quality.
- Small improvements to speed info calculations.
- Desktop integration for Java 9 added.

- Bug fix: Actual train (or car) not used in route actions.
- Bug fix: When splitting a loc from a train do not give the loc description to the train.
- Only allow events on client after it has been initialized.
- Bug fix: Not all properties of accessories copied in template.
- Bug fix: Reading initial feedback states for LinkS88 should not use range.
- New command line argument -clean to start without reading preferences.
- Bug fix: ALT + delete to empty a vehicle panel, so the delete key is free for actions on a loc.
- TAMS: Allow MFX/m3 with 16 functions.
- Bug fix: Occupancy feedbacks of turnouts not streamed correctly over network when changed.
- Send a second request for a POM read with CV >= 897 for SUSI.

- LocoNet: Support for Hans Deloof
- Allow analog loc to drive in occupied block with train without decoders.
- Bug fix: Pasting decoder configuration does not always change type.
- Translation changes for Spanish for the new manual.
- Bug fix: Road signal in car panel not always correct for blinking on sight.
- Bug fix: Feedbacks on CS2/3 with LinkS88 not processed correctly.
- Decoder will not be changed by MS2 if the protocol does not change.
- ESU ECoS: Do not write function definitions of second address to prevent the ECoS from crashing.
- Turning on free track should have no extra costs for shunting.
- Position and size of model time settings window made persistent.
- Blink yellow used for shunting with NS-signals.
- Activate the engine sound for all locs in the train when activating this train function.
- Bug fix: Initial reading of feedbacks and inputs for BiDiB modules when only inputs are available not correct.
- More efficient reading of feedbacks on CAN-Bus (CS2/CS3/CDB).
- Bug fix: Train direction not correct with RailCom-feedbacks when loc is reversed in train.
- Bug fix: Filling in the lane connections with a crossing sets the wrong CLOSED state.

- Better feedbacks for CS2/3 when using LinkS88 and S88 connector.
- BiDiB module definitions extended.
- BiDiB: Option to select DCC module for cars to separate it from trains.
- Model clock can be paused with CMD/CTRL + click and is visible as disabled time.
- Model clock on status bar can be adjusted with slider after double clicking.
- Block enter condition will only activate action when train has speed to prevent start up activations.
- Bug fix: Cannot reserve same block twice in one atomic action.
- Car fuel percentage shown when available via RailCom.
- Better margins for inplace dropdown editors.
- Manual control will make shunt reservations with drag & drop or keys possible in occupied blocks.
- GleisReporter: You can enter an ID on which the modules can be found.
- LocoNet/Z21: Option if polarity/direction info is available in RailCom message (for DR5088RC)
- Full screen support for Linux on ARM for Raspberry PI with small touchscreen.
- Baudrate setting for SPROG with Pi.

- Bug fix: OC32 inputs not correctly handled when event happens.
- Special S88 grouping for LinkS88 in which 1.1.1 is address 1001 (bus 1, module 1, input 1).
- Special DCC configuration template for accessories with low address in CV1 and high address in CV9.
- Configuration: Double clicking on header 'Use' or 'Nr' toggles between showing all numbers and only the used ones.
- Configuration: Templates do not overwrite existing values or descriptions, but only enhance the type.
- Diagnosis: No network or serial port check on client.
- Block element without text also turns in switchboard with the direction just as the feedbacks.
- Bug fix: Release feedback did not work anymore, because of new detection options.
- French translation update
- Manual control will make shunt reservations with drag & drop.
- Bug fix: Train split now also works well with more than one train in a block.

- French translation update
- Continuous route option to indicate that there is no stop before repeating.
- Bug fix: Reservation state compare not always good for turntables.
- Bug fix: Braking at the start of the block should use brake position zero.
- Bug fix: State type not always set for an action item with an accessory.
- Bug fix: Removed feedback, not removed from turnout when used as occupancy feedback.
- Bug fix: Allowed number of actions for iCar.
- Bug fix: BiDiB off state also clears address info in feedback.
- Function 'Sound off' added.
- Action without actual train input does not need a condition.
- Car routes implementation available.
- Extra checks in diagnosis for booster feedbacks and relays.
- Bug fix: Overview of switchboard in window not always correctly handled.
- Signal option 'Shared signal' added for shared exit signal.
- Interface for CS2 is also for CS3. Special CS3 support added to interface.
- Support for MFX with 32 functions in CAN-protocol.
- Bug fix: Block condition Wait and Ready now also direction dependent.
- Lane condition in action now has separate Ready and Leave after waiting.
- Better release on position for long trains spanning multiple blocks.
- Separate release of blocks and turnouts. Block side option 'Coupled' to prevent it.
- New configuration parameter type 'Function mapping' added to map a function to a key.
- Bug fix: Small things for wagons such as interface.
- Better diagnosis checks on brake/stop shift on feedbacks in block.
- Action can only be started when active. To change the active state use ALT + click.
- Decoder configuration value editing made simpler by improved parsing. You can type text or use +/- to add bits.
- Bug fix: Extra interface status info displayed after the status icon if available.
- Bug fix: ECoS and S88, problem with modules of 8 solved.
- Bug fix: Sub-editors of switchboard editor should not have main frame as parent.
- Bug fix: Form warning signal should always show Vr0 when main signal shows halt.

- French translation of diagnosis problems.
- Bug fix: State feedback of turnout did not allow states with and without a feedback.
- Bug fix: Opening Action editor from switchboard editor may change selected execution items.
- Short delay when action has been finished so there is a visual feedback in the switchboard.
- Bug fix: Loc and wagon images scaled down to 360x160 when larger.
- Bug fix: Swiss shunting signal did not show correct state.

- Client/server
- Allow client mode, but not server mode with a limited license.
- Only in case of changes the switchboards are pushed to clients (better compare added).
- Better caching of images, both on client and server. Same image only once sent to clients.
- Interfaces
- Support for CT-Elektronik ZF5 for vehicles and accessories.
- Basic support for Zimo MX10 (both USB and Network), but not finished yet.
- Bug fix: Multicast network interface better restored.
- BiDiB: Better support for 'Flat Port Model' and for both occupancy feedbacks and keys/buttons for OneControl.
- Support for BiDiB protocol 0.7 with new queries for ports on OneControl.
- BiDiB: Extra queues for accessories so not all will switch at the same time.
- OpenDCC setting of number of s88 modules on every s88 output.
- OC32 aspects support multiple addresses.
- RMX reading database before rail power, mode via option -Drmx.mode=2
- RMX: Allow control of DCC accessories.
- Possible to load project with HSI-88-USB interface on non-Windows systems.
- Decoders
- Configuration variables/parameters can be stored for locs, wagons, cars and accessories.
- New decoder programming tool for setting and reading decoder configuration.
- Support for decoder programming (DCC and SX2) for selected interfaces only.
- Copy/Paste for decoder configuration to duplicate selected values.
- Vehicles & Trains
- Extra column with addresses when editing vehicles.
- Separate offsets for occupancy feedbacks and reed contacts.
- Train composition preselects type and removes empty items (unknown needs at least a length).
- Extra functions to switch off the main light on the inside of the train.
- Accessories
- German semaphore (arm) signals available.
- Reservation limit for crossing. Only this reservation activates the crossing.
- Support for turntable decoder Fleischmann 6915 and Muet.
- Option to block signal, optionally via a feedback, so routes do not continue beyond it.
- Blocks
- Use positions by default.
- No entry feedback entry when using positions. Entry feedback is determined dynamically.
- Allow additional non-occupancy feedback for entry as well. Useful when shunting.
- Safer block release on position when multiple feedbacks in block. Extra option for feedback release.
- Option in block to allow shunting into an occupied block by specifying the distance to keep.
- Routes
- Shunting light automatically on when using a drag & drop shunt route.
- Train route type introduced: Default, Shunt or Mixed.
- List of routes can be selected per train. No selection means 'all routes apply' for compatibility.
- Switchboard
- Redesign of the switchboard to make it portable to JavaFX and Android.
- Text in switchboard on top of tracks/road.
- Images in switchboard can be turned in four directions.
- Crossing drawn more compact when using multiple tracks or roads.
- Clock item in switchboard added.
- Actions as items in switchboard to check if they are running and to start/stop(shift) them manually.
- Others
- Model clock added with factor.
- Event actions implemented for timestamps, feedbacks, blocks and lanes.
- New diagnostic window to show errors, warnings and tips concerning your layout.
- Option to move a module with feedbacks (for S88) via the feedback monitor.
- Export split into 'Tabular (.csv)' and 'External inclusive' to save with all external images included.
- Interface column added to export for spreadsheets.
- Intersection 'Expect Stop' duration depending on max speed at the end of the lane.
- Copy/Paste for speed measurements to add measurements from external sources.
- Polish translation added for screen texts.
- Manual will install the latest manual if there is an update, but only check once per session.

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